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Ardavanis Sat Laboratory

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Ardavanis Sat Laboratory

This is an initiative of Dr. Georgios Ardavanis to establish and operate the first private satellite venture in Greece and open new horizons for Greek engineers. The venture is called Ardavanis Sat Laboratory. The primary mission is a proof-of-concept. He wants to prove that he has the technological capability to build the satellite from scratch and make it operate. Also, he wants to prove that he can develop the legal knowledge to navigate things like defense and trade controls to get it to the rocket provider.

The satellite to be built is based on a specification called a CubeSat. It will be a liter in volume, weighing less than a kilogram. He should be launching it in 2025 through a spaceflight US company. Because these satellites are so small and relatively cheap to produce, Ardavanis Sat Laboratory can send up entire clusters. If they work together, I should be able to do some novel things. A CubeSat must conform to specific criteria that control factors such as shape, size, and weight.

Ardavanis Sat Laboratory engineers play an active role in ensuring the safety and success of CubeSat mission(s) by implementing good engineering specifications, practices, testing, and verifying their systems. Currently, the Ardavanis Sat Laboratory has developed the specifications document to help ensure the success and safety of its mission, as well as provide baseline requirements for the CubeSat engineering team to design their spacecraft, such that they will be compatible with as many CubeSat dispensers and launch opportunities as possible.

Currently, the development plan of the Ardavanis Sat Laboratory includes the following steps:

The Ardavanis Sat Laboratory engineering team remains strict in designing for the rigors of the CubeSat environment. In addition to designing in advance for lighter weight and tighter requirements, Ardavanis Sat Laboratory performs the required analysis to ensure each subsystem is deployed and passes all pre-flight requirements. This has made Ardavanis Sat Laboratory a reliable designer and manufacturer of CubeSat subsystems for CubeSat payloads. These assemblies are circuit card form factors that fit up/down conversion, RF filtering, amplification, LNAs, and switching in unprecedented package sizes of small size, weight, and power to achieve SWaP objectives.

1. CubeSat Concept Development

2. Merit & Feasibility Reviews

3. CubeSat Design

4. Development and Submittal of Proposal to the identified Spaceflight US company

5. Selection and Manifesting

6. Regulatory Licensing

7. Flight Specific Documentation Development and Submittal

8. Ground Station Design, Development, and Testing

9. CubeSat Hardware Fabrication and Testing

10. Mission Operation

11. CubeSat-to-Dispenser Integration and Testing

12. Dispenser-to-Launch Vehicle Integration

13. Mission Operation


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